Sinai Services has its roots in the very birth of Diving and Sharm El Sheikh. Paul Sobol first came to Sharm El Sheikh in 1969, in those days the only way to get to Sharm El Sheikh was through the Sinai Desert, guided by Bedouins on ancient tracks from either Cairo or Israel .

When Paul first set eyes on Naama Bay he immediately new he had found a very special place. Sheltered bays with a dramatic mountain back drop as well as coral reef and fish life better than he had encountered anywhere in the World. In Paul’s mind he had found the perfect location to create a diving destination.

Along with Paul, Jacques Cousteau also saw the potential of The Red Sea. He considered Ras Mohamed as one of the best diving areas to be found anywhere in the World.

Paul set about spreading the word about this incredibly beautiful isolated dive location and over time started to organize diving trips to the area. The first diving business Paul started here with his son Alain in 1972, was from a hand made hut on the beach, using a Volkswagen
car engine as a generator and a second hand aircraft starter motor as a compressor.

Since those early days others to saw the potential of Sharm and now 30 years on Sharm is a flourishing, bustling town with on average 100 flights arriving per day with holiday makers hoping to experience some of the magic that Paul felt all those years ago.

Sinai Services also flourished over the years and Alain Sobol has led the company from strength to strength, we are now recognized to have the finest diving and watersports out lets to be found any where in the world. We have forged relationships with many 5 star hotels chains and to do so we had to offer a 5 star service. Our aim is to be the best in all that We do. We achieve this by investing in staff, equipment and premises.